Friendly and Affordable Tyre Fitting in Silverstone

Black N Rounds are your local independent tyre experts in Silverstone serving professional and general motorists. Our staff have many years experience in the world of motorsport and pride themselves on delivering a fast and friendly service you can trust and rely on. We have tyres to fit every budget, from economy cheap tyres to premium ultra-high performance tyres suitable for your road or race car.

Reliable and Fast Fitting

We stock thousands of top rated tyres and receive multiple deliveries every day, allowing our mechanics to get you back on the road safely as soon as possible. Choose from our extensive range of car, race, motorbike, SUV, 4x4 and van tyres for summer, winter or all-season.

Buy Tyres Online or Drive in 

Our quick and easy Tyre Finder makes purchasing the right tyre at the right price as simple as possible - just enter your registration to be matched with the best tyre for your vehicle. Alternatively, visit our tyre fitting garage in Silverstone where our team will be more than happy to help. 

Puncture Repair - your safety is our priority

Tyres are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road, which is why it is crucial they are in good condition. Damaged or worn tyres are not only dangerous, but also illegal. For more information about UK Tyre Law, check out our Tyre Information Blog.

Wheel Alignment
If your vehicle is pulling to one side, your steering wheel is vibrating, your tyres are making a 'squealing' noise, or you notice abnormal tyre wear - this could be a sign your wheels need to be correctly aligned. Hitting a kerb, pothole or speed bump can misalign your wheels. Wheel misalignment causes excessive and uneven wear to your tyres. This increases road resistance and your fuel consumption, as well as poorly impacts the performance of your tyres, for example reduces their stopping distance. Call the garage today and we will take a look.

Tyre Recycling 
Black N Rounds is built on a passion for the environment and we believe in minimising the impact on the environment for everyone. Just one commitment to this is to recycle 90% of our tyres.

Nitrogen Services
Ask us about inflating your tyres with Nitrogen, it might be cheaper than you think! Nitrogen is a dry gas and the molecules are larger than air so it takes longer to penetrate the tyres rubber, this means:
  • More constant pressure
  • Tyre life increase
  • Improved handling
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Lower CO2 emissions

Our Promise 
Whether you drive in or order tyres online, our staff will conduct a full inspection of your vehicle and explain in detail before any work is carried out. Our high-quality services and products are the reason customers have put their trust in us. Visit our state-of-the-art workshop and showroom in Silverstone Park West.

Please note our Towcester Depot is currently closed.